Attend – my debut novel

My debut novel, Attend, is now published in paperback (13 December)  and ebook (15 November).

You can buy it from all the usual outlets:







The book has had some great praise already.

Journalist Rosie Goldsmith said: ‘West Camel is the Dickens of Deptford, engaging us in a thrilling narrative that is generous with characters, social history and vivid dialogue. Rich, lively and intelligent, Attend is a novel of mystery, morality and meaning, but so delicately sewn together, you never notice the seams…’ 

Paul Burston, author, journalist and founder of the Polari Literary Salon said: ‘If Armistead Maupin were to write about a diverse group of friends in Deptford, the results might resemble this darkly comic debut from West Camel. These are characters you’ll love to spend time with, and miss when they’re gone’. 

Author Louise Beech said: ‘There is such a joy to the language. West Camel is a truly gifted wordsmith, and a beautiful storyteller’.

The #Attend #BlogTour is running throughout December to mark the books publication. I’ll be posting here about it too.




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